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Monday, December 27, 2004

Go Triad's people of the year


Our Top Pick: Nisha Coffey and Ed Moye

No event jumped out at us for its kinetic creativity more than last summer’s 48-Hour Film Project, in which filmmakers had 48 hours to make an eight-minute film. The people responsible for bringing this example of cinematic insanity to Greensboro were Nisha Coffey and Ed Moye, two friends who met while studying filmmaking at UNCG. They worked 18 months to bring the 48-Hour Film Project to Greensboro, overcoming the doubts of national organizers who said, “I’ve never heard of Greensboro.” The result? Twenty-two teams competed, a winner was announced, and next month, a DVD is expected to be available for everyone to see what kind of talent exists around us. And the best part? We can expect the 48-Hour Film Project to come back next year.


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