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Monday, January 10, 2005

Arty-farty movies in Greensboro

People say that Greensboro doesn't have enough culture to support good movies, so they feel the need to drive to Chapel Hill or Charlotte. Wrong.

Carousel Cinemas Greensboro, NC supports a Cinema Guild Group that sponsors mostly independent and foreign films with really good buzz. They provide a deal whereby you can buy a book of eight tickets for $50.00. The tickets can be used for any movies that have the Cinema Group symbol on them. Click on Showtimes on their Web site and look for this symbol next to movies listed there.

The Carolina Theatre has a series of films called Cinematique Carolina, which are documentries, independent or foreign. They are limited release, short run, so you have to catch them while you can.

Even The Grande has an independent or foreign film on offer.

You can check all area movie showtimes at New listings generally posted on Wednesdays.


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