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Friday, February 04, 2005

Canadian's reaction on visit to Florida

On her AOL journal, What the Helen of Troy is that, this Canadian mom tells of her vacation to the Gulf Coast area of America:

There is such an energy in the US. It's hard to put my finger on how different the US and Canada are. We are neighbours, share alot of the same technology and comforts afforded to Western nations. But the difference in mindset is really there. It seemed like as soon as we got here there was an "I can do anything I want to!" feeling. One that isn't felt in Canada. We're definately more reserved, laid back and socialist in thinking. Not that I prefer one over the other, in fact, I can definitely see that I am a true Canadian and follow most of the stereotypical Canuck views. It's just interesting, sociologically speaking. I do love the US mindset though. A cure for the January blahs like no other!

We have been enjoying our vacation very much. This house is just amazing. A true home away from home, but the kitchen here is bigger than mine and it makes me want to stay forever!

We've eaten so much fast food I can't bear to think of eating any more. I wish I could say the same for Krispy Kremes. I have eaten quite a few and did you know that you can get TWO DOZEN FOR TEN DOLLARS?!!! Bliss for TEN BUCKS.

We've experienced Super Wal-Mart. Holy [bleep]. It was a sensory overload of commerce. I had a headache by the end and had to put my head between my knees in the van.

Now she knows what I enjoy every day.


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