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Friday, February 04, 2005

Signs you are a good tipper

Signs you are a good tipper from Stained Apron blog. Please tip at least 15% for adequate service, minimum $1.00 if all you ordered was a drink or dessert. Christians have a reputation for being the worst tippers. Please, let's try to reverse that. A gospel tract is not a substitute for helping to pay someone's rent.

 You actually look at me when I am telling you the specials; you might even smile.
 You don’t answer a hello from your server by yelling, “Two coffees!”
 You say please and thank you.
 You don’t make faces as you are being told the specials, even if you hear a dish you don’t like.
 You don’t order water with lemon.
 Your free-refill soda lasts more than 2 seconds.
 You check to see if your dining partner is ready before you belt out your order.
 You don’t slap your kids in public.
 You don't immediately demand to see the cheapest thing on the menu.
 You answer questions with actual words rather than grunts.
 You start your requests with “May I please have...” rather than “Get me” or “I need.”


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