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Friday, December 22, 2006

Kitchens 101: Basic Must-Have Tools

I'm cleaning out my junk room and organizing my kitchen. I want to throw out all but the bare necessities, so I searched the Web and gleaned the following list of stuff I should keep, mostly from HGTV. What you need for your starter kitchen:

couple covered sauce pans 1 and 2 qt
4 qt dutch oven: for pasta, soup,
ovenproof skillet with lid
cake pans: 2 qt rectangle, and square
2 cookie sheets,
metal lipped baking sheet
loaf pan
pie tin
muffin tin
bottle opener
can opener
serrated knives
paring knives
measuring cups
measuring spoons
4-cup measuring glass
long-handled fork,
a spatula (plastic for non-stick pans),
pasta server,
kitchen shears,
potato masher,
slotted spoon,
rubber spatulas and
an assortment of wooden spoons and turners.
vegetable scraper,
instant-read thermometer,
a rolling pin,
plastic cutting board
sifter or sieve and
racks for cooling
A coffee maker,
tea kettle
portable electric mixer,
salad spinner
mixing bowls
four dinner plates,
4 salad plates,
4 cups, cereal bowls and
4 soup plates —
flatware for four and
several serving pieces
plastic dishes for leftovers: freezer, microwave, and dishwasher
plastic dishes for lunches
plastic wrap
microwave splatter shield


At 6:00 PM, Blogger Dedwarmo said...

What? All you need is a freezer, a microwave and a can opener.


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