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Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to survive Hyperinflation

I've blogged before about Zimbabwe's hyperinflation, which is in the millions. We are headed for that here in America, because the Treasury is printing Monopoly money in the name of economic stimulus. Our national debt is going to equal our gross domestic product in just a few years. That's when our debt equals our total output for the whole country. That's like when your personal debt is equal to your income. When the German government created hyperinflation after World War I, a loaf of bread went from a few cents to billions of dollars. You know what came next. Hitler.

Here are some tips for how to survive. The two keys seem to be investing in stocks and non-perishable foods. Ironically, folks in debt benefit the most. So I'm in good shape.

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Here is a link to showing the National Debt to the penny:


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