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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Hollywood Values

Theron Gets Broody

South African actress Charlize Theron is ready to settle down and have a baby after winning her Best Actress Oscar earlier this year. The blonde beauty, 28, admits now she has established herself as a serious actresses after her performance in Monster, she can concentrate on other aspects of her life. Theron, who has been dating Irish actor Stuart Townsend for two years, told reporters at the Cannes Film Festival at the weekend, she is looking forward to starting a family. She says, "The Oscar was like getting a sign, a seal of approval. I'd like to devote myself to a little person at home right now. When I left South Africa, I never believed I would find this success. Now I have got it, I want something more lasting, more fulfilling. Stuart feels the same way."

from story #3 on May 25,2004

For you women who feel inadequate when you compare your ordinary status as wife and mother to the glamorous Hollywood sex symbols, see, they envy you too! What you have is "more lasting, more fulfilling".


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