Fourth of Six

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Raffle tickets

Please don't try to sell me a raffle ticket. That's gambling. How's that gambling? I'm not buying a product or service. I'm buying a chance of winning. If I win, it's because umpteen other people lost. I'm depriving umpteen other people of their money. I'm getting something for nothing. I'm coveting. Coveting is a sin. Luck is an idol. There is no such thing as luck. Only God rules. Not fate. Not destiny. Not luck. Just God. If you believe God will bless you, then why are you putting your money on "fate"? Why would God use a raffle ticket? Why would God bless you by stealing from the other people who lost their money on a worthless raffle ticket? God knows where you live. If he wanted you to have a million dollars, what's stopping Him? You're buying a raffle, or lottery ticket, because you're trying to get something you don't deserve so you can say "God blessed me", when really, it was the Devil. The Devil loves to make your wishes and dreams come true, because it makes you his servant, and takes your eyes off of the Holy God.

By the way, God has instructions for how to be blessed and where to put your money. In His word, He says we are to give to the poor who have nothing to give in return.


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