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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Moral Values Propel Bush to Re-Election

via Yahoo! News :
Democrats on Wednesday were trying to figure out how they can extend their appeal to voters outside the cities and to voters who are involved with religion.

"The Democratic Party needs to be more comfortable on cultural and national security issues," said Al From, founder and chief executive of the Democratic Leadership Council, a moderate think tank.

See how the AP refers to this think tank as "moderate". What kind of euphemism is "more comfortable". Does that mean they are going to have to familiarize themselves with cultural and national security issues, because those are alien to them? Or because the values they do hold are wrong? It means they're going to have to pretend to share those values with the rest of us.

A majority of swing state voters named strong leadership, having clear stands on issues, being honest and trustworthy and having strong religious faith as the most valued qualities in a candidate. All of those groups favored Bush.
Democratic pollster Doug Schoen...and other Democrats said the party needs to relearn how to appeal to rural voters and religious voters.
They'll have to lie to do it.
"'Bush successfully appealed to his base and to a wider base on moderate to conservative social issues like gay marriage and prayer in school,' said James Thurber, a political science professor at American University. 'Democrats have to learn to appeal to those people.' "

I like how he calls us "those people".

See, Democrats can't appeal to religious people or based on moral issues, without lying, because they are immoral and irreligious. Don't forget this in four years. There will be a test. For the next election, in order to "appeal to us", they are going to have to lie and pretend. Watch for it.

Democrats see the economy as being of paramount value, so they are easy to bribe with the promise of increased government spending on social programs. How shallow can you be?


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