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Friday, February 10, 2006

My new job title

You know those personality tests you take in order to find out what job you should be doing? They always say you should do what you're good at. Well, I'm good at procrastinating. If you're having problems deciding what to do today, and what you can put off until tomorrow, I'll help you, if I get around to it. I'm thinking of getting some business cards printed up, that say "professional procrastination consulting services," but I still have some dry-cleaning to do, and the junk rooms need to be cleaned out, and the car needs to be washed, and the dog needs a checkup, and I haven't filed my tax return, etc.

If you're having trouble getting everything done that needs doing, you're problem is you're trying to do it all in one day. You should try putting some of it off until tomorrow. I can help you with that. Some things really need doing today, like important things, and some things don't ever need to be done, like housework.


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