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Friday, February 03, 2006

Local movie screens on Friday

Les Butchart, a member of the Triad Indie Film Network, writes:
A digital feature film I made a couple of years ago, THE DEVIL'S GAME, will screen at The Scene this Friday night at 8:00. Cost is $5. This is a full two hours of B horror fun in a stylish dark comedy motif. It was shot entirely on DVCAM and edited on a Media100 system, an all-digital approach. One of the cool things about it is all the Greensboro locations, some of which no longer exist - Cup-A-Joe on Tate Street, Blumenthals (the exterior with the big blue sign) - and Elm Street itself. We shot from one end of Elm to the other, including interior scenes at Mack & Mack and the GreenBean. The film was shot entirely at night, so if you've ever wondered how digital video performs in minimal light, you'll see it here.

The film stars Christy Johnson (now the lead singer for The Arrival), and Roseanne Leigh (soon to star in MAX'S CAR); also featuring - Robert Harris, Mack McClain, Billy Ingram, Stephen Gee, Steve Willis, Tristan Younce, BlakeGriffin, Darryl Bodie, Branden Thompson, Mr. Rozzi, Eddie McLauren (Woods ofTerror owner) and many other Greensboro actors. TDG is a very ambitious "handmade, hobby film" shot on weekends by a crew of two, my wife and myself. Not a bad example of how to stitch together afeature for no money. Come check it out,


The Scene on South Elm is located at 604 South Elm Street in Greensboro, NC. It is near the corner of South Elm Street and E Lewis St and is north of E Lee St.


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