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Monday, July 23, 2007

Discover your learning style

Take the DVC Learning Style Survey for College and discover the way you like to learn best.
To get you started thinking about your learning style, think about the way in which you remember a phone number. Do you see, in your mind's eye, how the numbers look on the phone? Or can you "see" the number on that piece of paper, picturing it exactly as you wrote it down? You might be a Visual Learner. Or, perhaps you can "hear" the number in the way that someone recited it to you. In this case, you might be an Auditory Learner. If you "let your fingers do the walking" on the phone, i.e. your fingers dial the number without looking at the phone, you may be a Tactile/ Kinesthetic Learner.

This way of looking at learning style uses the different channels of perception (seeing, hearing, touching/moving) as its model. This is a somewhat simplistic view of a very complicated subject (the human brain). However, looking at learning style from a perceptual point of view is a useful place to begin.

I'm a visual/verbal learner, which means I prefer to read the instructions first. To remember a word or number, I see it in my head. I learn best when presented with information visually and in a written language format, which is why I do well in a classroom setting.


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